The Skin Care Challenge | The Lab & Co Edition

Our mission of bringing new solution-based products to market quickly. Innovation is our sweet spot. You can usually find us searching for new solutions to everyday problems. We venture where others dare not go bringing niche products to people like you. Got a skincare dilemma? We love hearing about our customer's problems too, well beauty problems that is...

And with that said, it got us thinking of all the ways we could really use this extra time at home as productively as possible! And did we EVER come up with a plan! The Skin Care Challenge!

Skin Care Challenge, Stay Home, Lab & Co

We wanted to bring a feel-good feel to all things social media right now. So, we thought it would be a good idea to bring you as much self-care as possible. What will this skincare challenge look like? While, grab your note pad, coffee, and excitement because we are diving in now! And if you are joining the challenge late, that is ok - you are welcome to join in at any time!

Since we are spending A LOT more time at home, why not put it to good use right? A lot of us are taking this extra time we are spending staying home as a time to set professional goals. Sign up for online classes. Join online workout classes - but it is also super important we are setting self-care goals. We often forget that self-care is a large part of how we stay healthy both physically and mentally.

How it works:

We decided for the next 14 days we will be doing a self-care challengeto help us keep up with the PERFECT skincare routine! 

What will you need?

  • A killer attitude (we are all about that positivity over here!)
  • The WANT for good skin
  • To follow us on Instagram - @thelabandcompany
  • And here we go! 

Most importantly, all you need is you and the want to try something new and build new digital friendships well you do it! Hey, maybe you will walk away with not only an awesome skincare routine - but also a new friend or 2!

Skin Care, Equal by nature, Skin Care Challenge

Side note, did you know we have all the products you need to complete that flawless skincare routine? If not - hurry over to our website! We got you covered.

How does it work?

Each day, starting on April 2, we will post on our Instagram page the challenge of the day! From there, you will follow the instructions given within that post and let the FUN begin ladies!!!

Skin care challenge, lab & co, skin care

At first, we thought about making it primarily skincare based, but that just didn’t feel right to us. Great skin comes down to sooo many factors, including happiness. As they say, you never glow better than when you are smiling (unless you are using Cleantan, duh!).

So, we added a self-care component to it! We will talk about gratitude, that stay home life, skincare routines and soooo much more! This is a challenge you do not want to miss!

GHL, Lab & Co, Skin Care Routine

During these difficult times, we feel it is important to maintain positivity throughout. It is so easy to get lost in the noise of social media and the wave of all things COVID19.

And that is EXACTLY what the Skin Care Challenge is to us, and we hope it can be that to you!


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