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"Remote" - sounds dreamy right? Well, that is where it gets tricky. 

Remote truly can be everything it looks and sounds like, as long as you stay productive. It is very easy to get into the habit of throwing on your sweats and watching Ellen after the news. trust me!

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If you struggle with self-discipline, normally I would say go the co-working route. Routine is what a lot of people need, and I get it! But, now that remote is a reality and no longer a daydream for most of us, we must adjust.

So here are some tips to help you rock your remote life! 

Make A Schedule:

This may be the MOST important tip out of them all. Setting a schedule helps you to figure out the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goals. Ways to do that would be to set specific, manageable goals, and avoid rolling over any unfinished tasks to the next day.

Constantly playing catch up will quickly lead to you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. So set your alarm, wake up, drink that cup of coffee. Its KEY you stick with it. 

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Dress As You Got Somewhere To Be:

Now, this is probably the one I am the most guilty of, especially during the current times. But I can't stress it enough - getting up and getting dressed makes a difference! 

When we dress for success, we usually go into our workday feeling motivated and prepared. So why would it be any different at home? It isn't! It is so easy to throw our hair into our messy bun, throw on some leggings & a comfy sweater and call it our work outfit! Because really, who is going to see us? (Unless you need to do those zoom calls!) But this step helps us keep some normalcy within our morning routines, and that is essential.

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Have a Dedicated Work Space

Pick a space, whether it be your spare bedroom, share your office with your partner, or your kitchen table. Pick a spot and make it your own for the next while.

Whatever you do, DON’T WORK FROM YOUR BED!!

Why? However amazing it may seem, feel, look and sound, theDivision of Sleep Medicineat Harvard explains that working from your bed makes it hard for your brain to distinguish it as a place of rest.

Meaning that working from your bed (no matter how tempting) will actually make it harder to fall asleep since your brain will think to associate it with workspace!

No good right? We agree. So this is another essential for productivity. 

Breaks, Breaks, Breaks

Because we are not working in a physical office or leaving our homes as we practice #stayinghome, it is JUST as important to take breaks when working remotely as it would as if you were in the office. And we all know we do not miss those!

It will be tempting to power through your to-do list but you will need to remember that your brain is a muscle, it needs to rest. It needs to have its "self-care".

At Harvard University, some researchers - the same amazing ones telling us a big fat NO to working from bed - observed that a majority of productive employees worked for 52 mins and then granted themselves (and their brain) a 17 min break.

Now the fun part is, we can make our breaks be anything! We could do some yoga out in the living room, take a quick walk around the block with your pup, eat something, stretch! Options are endless and important that we take them.

Add these few tips to your routine, and that should help you set yourself up for a successful day ticking off all those to-dos! After that, grab yourself a glass of wine and kick your feet up because you deserve it!

Heck, you could even have some massage and fun with cocolube! Why not make the most of an already productive day! 

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As we adjust to the new times we are faced with, we felt it was important to share some of the tips we are using here at The Lab & Co.

It is so important we are also focusing on our mental health and self-care during this time. That is why we created our Self Care Challenge. It helps us keep positive in a time where our digital world is flooded with overwhelming news, emotions, and confusion. We wanted to be a voice of positivity through that. 

If you have not joined us, that is ok! You can join in at any time. Click here for more details. 




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